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01.  SR-2000 schematic factory "A" level               Original production level schematic                  


02.  SR-2000 schematic factory "B" level                 Second production level schematic


03.  SR-2000 schematic factory "C" level                Most current level schematic


04.  We have a schematic that includes all of the after market engineering changes.

         We have not finished the supporting narrative.  When complete will make available.

05.  Damaged file will replace soon.  be used for video tutorial 


06.  SR-2000 schematic with receive function color coded will be used for video tutorial


07.  SR-2000 schematic with transmit function color coded  will be used for tutorial


08.  SR-2000 schematic with VOX function color coded  will be used for video tutorial


09.  SR-2000 schematic with neutralization and bias change color coded


10.  SR-2000 schematic with


20.  SX-117 "A" level 

20a.  "A" PARTS


21.  SX-117  "B" level

21b.  "B"  PARTS


22.  SX-117  "C" level

22c.  "C" PARTS


23.  SX-117  "D" level

23d.  "D" PARTS


24. SX-117  "E" level

24e.  "E"  PARTS


25.  HA-5 "A" level schematic.

25a.  A level parts


26.  HA-5 "C" level schematic


27.  HA-5 "B" level erata


28.  HT-40 MARK1


29.  SR-400 Cyclone II


30.  SR-2000 Bias voltages 



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