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The HP 8566B Spectrum analyzer second from left bottom is for sale.  It covers 100 Hz to 22GHz,   -135db,  Bandwidth down to 10 Hz.  It is used from audio to microwave.  Especially useful for audio analysis and RF measurements.  I use it from the first RF amp in a receiver to the transmit driver to analyze RF voltage levels and purity.  Used with the 26db preamp you can slip a tube shield around the 1st RF amp in the receiver and measure 70uv with a 3uv signal injected or lower.


We profile every stage for correct amplification and spectral purity.   The tube shield is actually a 1 inch copper strip wrapped around the tube instead of the tube shield. Enables us to calibrate the measurement.  TOTALLY NON INTRUSIVE AT HF.


Originally had 3 complete benches like this one in the shop before retiring from restore work.  Now reducing to 1.


Also for sale is the Tektronix 7904 scope second from left bottom and many different plug ins as seen on top of the rack.  



Price:  All offers will be seriously considered.



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