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VFO Gear train and locations

SR-2000 VFO removed for service
Notice the discoloration and gear train

I have removed the VFO to clean, lub, and adjust the gear train. This radio had excessive backlash and binds. Removing the VFO from the SR-2000 is fairly simple and while it's on the bench, you can clean the 500Kc and 1Kc dials and if they are too discolored or pealing, place a photo image that has been clear coated over them.





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Spring loaded idlers for 1Kc Index
Note the two screws on the right.  The top is the stop and bottom spring load

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This assembly is ready to be removed.  Notice the three screws that have been removed.  NOTE: Notice the dial shaft has the small gear still attached.  The gear holds the ball bearing race and balls together as you remove the assembly.   The rear end of that shaft has a small indentation that presses against a single ball that is in the shaft tunnel.  make sure that ball is centered when the shaft is re-inserted.  There is however a screw adjustment on the end of the bearing enclosure that can be removed to center the ball.  To lubricate the gears and bearings USE ONLY CLOCK OIL NOT GREASE OR UNKNOWN STUFF.

CLOCK oil is a synthetic oil composed of short string molecules and does not dry out or oxidize.



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