Leisure time

40 hp Cyuna good for 10,000ft.  Summer day 95 degrees on the ground 55 degrees at 10,000ft. Shut it down and glide for hours

View from the tower

Spent more time enjoying the view than on the air. A hammock between two top guy wires, a cold one, and a good book.

Build in progress


I have been somewhat taken with the Hallicrafters product line since age 13/1953 when I purchased an S20R which I believed to be the finest electronic device ever invented.  Then I built a home brew 6AG7/6L6 transmitter, drilled a hole in the side of the house to bring the 72 ohm twin lead in and voila, a 40 meter dipole hung between two cottonwood tree's connected me to the world ---- don't think I slept for two years.


That seems like centuries ago.  Since that time, I have followed what I believe to be the most innovative engineering and manufacturing team in the history of radio; the Hallicrafters company; develop some of the most outstanding and innovative circuitry of that magnificent era.  


This site will address all aspects of the Hallicrafters SR-2000, SR-400, SR-400A. 


Beginning with the SR-150 and ending with SR-400A, the heterodyne scheme used was the same; 1st I.F. 6.5Mc and second I.F. 1.65Mc. We will focus on the SR-2000 with linkage to the common design attributes of the SR-400 and SR-400A and finish the site content with the unique differences and design review of all three transceivers.   


The intent of this site will be to provide any and all information necessary to Properly operate, service, diagnose, restore, update to the most current level, and finally to add post production changes that will make an extraordinary transceiver even better than the last to leave QC.  


A good deal of this information was internal correspondence never printed by Hallicrafters for public use and the post production changes were developed using as much of the Hallicrafters mind set as possible and regression tested here: thus retaining the essence of the Hallicrafters character.  Some of these post production changes were recommendations sent to Hallicrafter to mitigate problems that surfaced during and after pre-production testing.  


This site will grow slowly as a work in progress, please drop in occasionally to check for updates or follow the reflectors and we will post change dates.  If you have a particular point of interest, send an email and we will try to expedite that material.    


                                                                                  Kindest regards and thanks for stopping



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